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Price List

Here is our Price List of all services. You can check this before your booking order.

For Men

Items Wash & Fold Steam Iron Dry Cleaning
Shirt Cotton Rs-20 Rs-15 Rs-55
T-Shirt Rs-20 Rs-10 Rs-55
Trouser Rs-25 Rs-15 Rs-55
Pant Rs-20 Rs-10 Rs-55
Jeans Rs-25 Rs-10 Rs-55
Kurta Rs-24 Rs-15 Rs-55
Pajama Rs-24 Rs-15 Rs-39
Shorts – Cotton Rs-19 Rs-9 Rs-39
Dhoti Rs-30 Rs-20 Rs-49
Inner Rs-30    
Hoodie     Rs-149
Men’s Suit (3pcs.)     Rs-349
Blazer     Rs-249
Jacket     Rs-279
Leather Jacket     Rs-340
Sweater     Starting from Rs-99
Waistcoat     Rs-99
Sherwani     Rs-389
Indo-western Dress     Rs-350
Shawl     Rs-129


For Women

Items Wash & Fold Steam Iron Dry Cleaning
Shirt/Kurti Rs-30 Rs-15 Rs-44
Top Rs-30 Rs-15 Rs-44
Hot Pant Rs-30 Rs-10 Rs-39
Jeans Rs-35 Rs-15 Rs-49
Cotton Jeans Rs-30 Rs-15 Rs-49
Hoodie     Rs-149
Patiyala Cotton Rs-24 Rs-15 Rs-39
Dupatta Rs-40   Rs-60
Trouser Rs-29 Rs-15  
Saree cotton Rs-54 Rs-24 Rs-89
Legging Rs-20 Rs-10 Rs-40
Jeggings Rs-30 Rs-10 Rs-55
Skirt Rs-30 Rs-15 Rs-44
Shorts Rs-20 Rs-10 Rs-35
Night Dress Rs-49 Rs -15 Rs-60
Gown Rs-150 Rs-75 Rs-349
Women Suit     Rs-249
Lehenga (3pcs.)     Rs.-349 (Starting from)
Chiffon Saree     Rs-179 (Starting from)
Silk Saree     Rs-220 (Starting from)
Banarasi Saree     Rs-300 (Starting from)
Women Cardigan     Rs-149 (Starting from)
Shawl     Rs-129 (Starting from)



Items Wash & Fold Steam Iron Dry Cleaning
Bedsheet Rs-50 Rs-25 Rs-85
Pillow cover Rs-20    
Cushion cover Rs-20    
Towel Rs-35   Rs-55
Table cloth small Rs-30   Rs-45
Mosquito Net Rs-55    
Blanket (Sin. or Dob.) Rs-349 to 549    




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