You would think the most sought-after cashmere in the world would require a great deal of care, but what might seem an arduous task is in fact quite easy — even fulfilling, in a productive kind of way. Just a few simple tricks can prolong the life of your cashmere for years.

Like any wool, cashmere is naturally breathable and wicks moisture, so you can wear it as many as 50 times (read: excellent cost-per-wear) between washes. Indeed, washing it too often could contribute to excessive pilling.

Here’s how to keep your cashmere looking and feeling beautiful, naturally.


  • Hand-dip in cold — never hot — water without detergent (yes, just water!) or choose a mild cashmere shampoo; air dry flat, away from heat and direct sunlight
  • Avoid friction; rubbing, wringing, and drying with other garments will lead to pilling
  • Fold and store on a dedicated shelf next to a glass of water to maintain humidity; hanging may cause stretching
  • Air out at least 24 hours after wearing, and before wearing again


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